Solar System and Planets

Solar System and Planets panels consist of detail infographics covering solar system, planets and moon. They give main informations about the planets and compare them. They also give the magnitudes, distance to the sun and the orbit sequence comparatively. We also designed a custom exhibition panel system for these infographics.

ClientPronova, Scop
ServicesExhibition Design, Product Design, Content Writting
Production Year2017
Places of UseAli Kuşçu Gökbilim Merkezi (Ankara), Expo2019 Antalya Bilim Mekezi, El Cezeri Bilim Merkezi (Cizre), İskenderun Yükseliş Koleji (Hatay), Kırdar Bilgi Ören Koleji (Kütahya), Şanlıurfa Yükseliş Koleji (Şanlıurfa)
Dimensions90x200 cm