Cardbycard: Social Network Publication System

The SNPS is new content management system that provide user to easly create and publish a things as a web site, blog, group page, any kind of publications like book, magazine, periodicals and bulletins. The SNPS can be provided on a network for users to access, interact with, manipulate and publish content.

A “card” display content and ivites viewer interaction. Th euser can set layout, appearrance, and publication/sharing for cards, as approprate. User acn convert a card to a catalog card. Catalog cards contain other catalog cards and/or function cards, and are used for grouping and organizing cards fro publications. Each function card can be designated to hold content or perform one interactive feature connected to another card or a catalog.

It is possible to use the cards of groups and of other users in one’s own publication, when permissions allow it.

ClientBili┼člik A.┼×
ServicesConcept Development, IU/IE Design, Visaul Idendity
Project Year2014-2016 (on going)

CardbyCard, Part 1 :

CardbyCard, Part 2 :